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Below are the numerous custom enchantments we have on MMC.Special thanks to Kasai for compiling the list. You can get these like you would vanilla enchantments (Through enchanting table, can also be put on books) Please note you are limited to a maximum of 3 of the custom enchantments on any given item (Vanilla enchantments are unaffected) Aquaman (Maximum Level: 1)Gives Water Breath Effect [Helmet] Blast Mining (Maximum Level: 3) Creates an explosion when mining blocks [Pickaxes] Blindness (Maximum Level: 3) Applies Blindness effect [Swords, Axes] Bunny Hop (Maximum Level: 3) Gives jump effect [Boots] Cold Steel (Maximum Level: 3) Applies mining fatigue effect to attacker [Chestplate] Confusion (Maximum Level: 3) Applies confusion effect [Swords, Axes] Criticals (Maximum Level: 3) Critical hits deals more damage [Swords, Axes] Double Strike (Maximum Level: 4) Deals double damage [Swords, Axes] Ender Bow (Maximum Level: 1) Launches ender pearls instead of arrows [Bows, Crossbows] Executioner (Maximum Level: 4) Drops the enemy's head [Swords, Axes] Exhaust (Maximum Level: 2) Applies hunger effect [Swords, Axes] Exp Hunter (Maximum Level: 6) Drops more exp from mobs [Swords, Axes] Explosive Arrows (Maximum Level: 3) Creates an explosion on hit [Bows, Crossbows] Flame Walker (Maximum Level: 3) Like frost walker, but for lava [boots] Ghast (Maximum Level: 1) Launches fireballs instead of arrows [Bows, Crossbows] Hardened (Maximum Level: 3) Applies resistance effect to yourself when damaged [Chestplate]  Haste (Maximum Level: 3) Applies haste potion effect [All tools] Ice Aspect (Maximum Level: 3) Applies slowness effect [Swords, Axes] Lucky Miner (Maximum Level: 3) Drops more exp from ores [Pickaxes] Night Vision (Maximum Level: 1) Gives night vision [Helmet] Paralyze (Maximum Level: 2) Applies mining fatigue effect [Swords, Axes] Pigificator (Maximum Level: 5) Turns pig zombies (piglins) back into pigs [Swords, Axes] Poisoned Arrows (Maximum Level: 3) Applies poison effect [Bows, Crossbows] Rage (Maximum Level: 2) Applies strength effect on attacker [Swords, Axes] Rocket (Maximum Level: 4) Lanuches victim into air like a firework [Swords, Axes] Saturation (Maximum Level: 2) Regain food points [Armor] Scavenger (Maximum Level: 4) Can drop an additional item(s) based on a mob type killed [Swords, Axes] Self-Destruction (Maximum Level: 3) Creates an explosion on death [Chestplate] Smelter (Maximum Level: 7) Smelts blocks like a furnace [Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes]  Sonic (Maximum Level: 3) Gives spped effect [Boots] Surprise (Maximum Level: 3) Applies random potion effect [Swords, Axes] Thunder (Maximum Level: 3) A chance to strike enemy with lightning [Swords, Axes] Tunnel (Maximum Level: 3) Increases the radius you can break blocks [Pickaxes, Shovels] Vampire (Maximum Level: 4) Restore the attacker's health [Swords, Axes] Venom (Maximum Level: 2) Applies posion effect [Swords, Axes] Village Defender (Maximum Level: 4) Inflicts more damage to pillagers [Swords, Axes] Wither (Maximum Level: 2) Applies wither effect [Swords, Axes] Wither Arrows (Maximum Level: 3) Applies wither effect [Swords, Axes]  
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